Beox has several products indented for blonde hair damaged due to bleaching/coloring processes. Specific treatments such as bleach powder, hair colors, toners and products that restore the natural elasticity of hair and eliminate porosity.

Siller Ultra
1L & 300 mL

Four quick-acting tinting masks, powerful de-yellowing agents that promote hydration and recovery of blond and bleached hair. Its formula contains Lotus Flower Extract, Cassis, Jasmine, Rice Protein and Amla Oil - rich in vitamins and with a disciplinary action, which aligns the cuticles, reduces frizz and enhances shine.

Siller Ultra Silver - 300mL and 1L
Siller Ultra Platinum - 300mL and 1L
Siller Ultra Snow White - 300mL and 1L
Siller Ultra Green Pearl - 300mL and 1L

Siller Fast

Siller Fast Anti-Yellow Fluid has been developed to instantly neutralize and tone down unwanted yellowish tones on blonde and grey hair. Formulated with Vitamin E, Açaí Fruit, Acerola (Malpighia emarginata), it tones down hair without damaging it or making it dry, with heat protection that shields hair against heat from flat iron and exposure to sunlight, besides treating the strands and making them stronger and healthier.
Practical and rinse-free, it corrects and enhances blonde hair, leaving the locks completely revitalized and shiny.

SOS Unbreakable

Made with powerful amino acids and nourishing oils, it recovers hair extremely damaged by chemical procedures or excessive thermal processes. It deeply restores the hair fiber and leaves the hair with maximum shine.

Gel Protector - Mask Perfector 300g

Innovative formula that prevents damage and allows for more intense bleaching. Maintains resistance, prevents breakage and provides strength, shine and nourishment to hair. Restores hair structure after bleaching processes. Recovers pH balance and seals the cuticles, making hair strong, healthy and smooth. Regenerates hair fibers damaged due to chemical processes.

Beplex Sachet

10g double sachet. The pack holds 20 double sachets and the box may be changed into a display so the product can be better viewed at the point of sale.
Applications: Single dosage.

Bleaching Powder

Brand new Be Collors bleaching powder with exclusive formula is your Ultra fast and effective lightener. It will provide you with a maximum lift of up to 9 shades while protecting the hair from over drying.

900 ML

Be Collors Creamy Hydrogen Peroxide is an extremely moisturizing and scented product that makes color mixing and powder bleach dispersion easier. Produced with Macadamia nut oil, it gives nourishment and shine to hair. Available in 4 levels expressed by volume: R, 20, 30 and 40 vol.

60 g

BEOX Be Collors coloring cream is developed with exclusive pigments and distinguished active ingredients that make up the VISIBLE BASE COLLOR® system, which is a combination of components that reveal the background color at the time of preparation. Brazil's unique and Beox's exclusive technology that brings to the professional the safety they need to achieve the desired tone, thus avoiding eventual mistakes at the time of application.


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