KeraCoffee Vegan
Essentially Vegan out of Respect for Animals!

Vegan line totally free of formaldehyde and substances of animal origin. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients such as Coffee Extract, Essential Oils and Proteins. They act on the hair by aligning the hair fibers and nourishing them deeply.

Maximum Straightener

Single step smoothing, developed with proteins, acids and oils, promotes hair alignment and intensive hair repair. Leaving them disciplined, glowing and extremely soft.
KeraCoffee Straightment System contains the exclusive Green Complex - Blend of laboratory-modified acids such as Aspartic Acid and Glutamic Acid. It acts on the hair by protecting the hydro-lipid layer, preventing the action of external moisture, reinforcing the hair fiber and aligning the them to the desired shape. It reduces the hair volume and gives extraordinary brightness.

Recovery Kit

Shampoo formulated with Coffee Extract, Essencial Oils and Proteins, keeps your hair deeply hydrated and shiny, with no frizz.
Conditioner specially formulated with Coffee Extract and Essencial Oils keeps your hair smooth and shiny with a deep nutrition treatment.
Treatment mask developed with Coffee Extract and Essential Oils, promotes instant reconstruction, nourishes and regenerates hair fiber, makes hair extremely glossy and hydrated.


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