Since 2005, brand BEOX Professional has expanded its market footprint and, within little time, evolved into a brand known worldwide for its complete line of professional cosmetics subdivided into sixteen product lines, each of them intended for a specific purpose.

BEOX Professional's search for innovation, quality raw materials, technology and visual appeal caused its growth to be unavoidable, competing with major brands both at national and international levels. BEOX can be found in several beauty salons across Brazil and abroad, including the USA, Ecuador, Chile, Poland, Italy, France, UAE, Qatar, Jordan among others.

Our company has built strong relationships, credibility and partnership with its professionals and distributors, by exceeding their expectations, meeting their needs and providing exclusivity


The beginning of a successful project

A group of investors, wishing to diversify their businesses, decides to tap the cosmetics segment. Then they applied for registering the brand with INPI - Brazilian Institute for Industrial Property, and started intensive research on products, active ingredients and technologies.


Research, the key to understanding the market

As long as the registration of the brand remained pending with INPI, the research conducted in this segment expanded, and a better understanding of the commercial mechanisms were also achieved. That was when they decided that Beox would be a brand of professional cosmetics, solely intended for use in beauty salons.


Launching of the first products

Brand Beox Professional was then finally granted to this group of investors, and 3 products intended for professional hairdressers and stylists were immediately placed in the market, which, due to their state-of-the-art technology, were largely accepted in the market.


Opening the doors to the world

In April 2008, brand Beox was acquired by Group Lasuvi and started moving towards success. In October already, the first rebranding of logotype Beox took place, followed by the launching of 8 products. Beox's cosmetic exposure was then increased and such visibility opened way for the first exports of products to the USA.


The expansion of a successful line

April 2009 was marked by Beox making its debut at the prestigious Hair Brasil fair. The growth of the brand resulted in increased exports, reaching Colombia, Venezuela, and Guatemala. Our clients' trust and preference caused the sales to grow by 100%. In September, Beox also participated in the trade show Beauty Fair. Because of the satisfactory acceptance of the product lines, the rebranding of the Açaí Nutri Care line was done and 7 new lines were launched, which totaled 38 items for hairdressers and stylists to choose among.


Growth and market representation

With a view to propose solutions for all target audience profiles, Beox, in January 2010, launched the Laan line. The work by public relations professionals resulted in the disclosure of the brand in important media channels, such as Portal Terra. The 2nd participation in trade show Beauty Fair took place in September, together with the first rebranding of the Diariamente line and the launching of the Naturale Di Fruta line.


Events and new products spread the brand

February 2011 was chosen for the launching of the Laan Premium line, which surprised the market with innovation and quality. In June, Beox launches a new line: Be Collors (SET COLLOR), already accompanied by the Be Collors Conference.


Repositioning the market and expanding our lines

In April 2012, the market was surprised again by the Spécial D’or line launching event. With the clear commitment to always offer the best, in June, Beox presents the 2nd rebranding of the Diariamente line.


Rebranding and Brand-new products

March 2013 was a remarkable month as well. Through the New Tune event, Beox introduced to clients and distributors from all regions of Brazil its new brand's logo. The new logotype was designed aiming to refresh and innovate our brand, thus coping with all changes in the market.


Design and Innovation increases Beox's visibility in the Cosmetics Industry

This was a year where all lines, without exception, went through a complete makeover. The Beox Professional line presented, at BeautyFair, its vibrant packages, with exclusive design, strengthening even more the brand's identification by its clients.


A decade of history drives business growth

Along with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the brand in the cosmetics market, Beox Professional gets ready for international expansion by conducting intensive research and investment in qualification of key personnel for such operation.


New markets around the world!

Beox enters into a partnership with Abihpec and Beautycare Brazil and starts to participate in several international trade fairs, such as Cosmoprof in Bologna, Dubai and Las Vegas, increasingly expanding its businesses to other locations in the world.


New frontiers - New challenges!

Beox kept expanding exportation process by placing new partnerships and releasing brand new products, like Beox Siller Ultra, Beox Spécial D’or, Beox Barber Style and Brazilian Curly, specially introduced for curly hair treatment.


Growth and launch: a year of innovation!

The release of a Vegan straightening line, Beox Keracoffee outraged Arabian cosmetologist market on Beauty World fair, in Dubai. Beox Be.Tox, from Keraprime line was also released then. Several participations were performed around the world. Successfully present on conventions and Beauty Fairs in countries as Italy, United Kingdom, Colombia, USA, Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia.


The quality you know, with new goals and the same purpose: Satisfaction!

Year marked by the launch of the Royal Gold Line at Cosmoprof Mumbai, India in June and the merit of being finalists in the Cosmoprof India Awards, with the KeraCoffee Vegan smoothing agent. The Rebrand of the Be Collors coloring line came to surprise everyone, bringing innovation with an exclusive technology: Visible Base Collor, and for the internationalization of the company with the formation of Beox Professional Europe, in Ireland.

The Beox brand continues to participate in several fairs and has increased its market share worldwide.


We believe, succeed and, together, we walk steadily.

2020 was a year full of challenges, discoveries and evolution. Even along pandemic, Beox improved itself as a strong and structured brand. Inside the cosmetic market crisis, Beox still had its biggest revenue in 15 years. The bonds with our partners, clients and providers, were even more consolidated. The strong hope on remodeling and adaptability was essential for the release of two brand new lines: Beox SOS Unbreakable, a powerful mask that restores damaged strands; and Beox Atomic Recovery 60S, an intense Treatment set, that tames hair strands, leaving them extremely shiny. Therefore, the company’s growth became the ambition of all of our collaborators and partners. We believe, succeed and, together, we walk steadily.


Being in more than 80 countries, as a reference in diversity and innovation, valuing people as they are.


Earn admiration and recognition by highlighting each person’s beauty and self-esteem.


Transparency, Excellence, Enchantment and Complicity.

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