Royal Gold 24k
We brought to you The Best Free-formaldehyde Hair Straightening in the World.

Beox, a Brazilian company globally known by high efficacy on hair treatments, releases its brand new line of innovative products as a promise to revolution volume reduction technics used in beauty salons all over the world!
Developed from noble actives and fruit oils found in Amazon, Royal Gold 24k leaves hair extremely shiny and healthy. Beox Royal Gold 24k is composed by 5 efficient products that complete each other for a rich capillary treatment.

Professional Line:

Alignment system with gel base, composed by an exclusive blend of acids, proteins and oils, realigns hair fiber leaving natural subsidence balance, shine and smoothness.
Beox Luminous Straightening has an exclusive gel based formulation, what permits a better spreading and high absorption by hair. The product aligns all types of hair, leaving it extremely shiny and straightened. Contains exclusive Gloss Gold, a complex of oils and acids that reconstruct and hydrates damaged hair strands.
Line consisting of:
Beox Luminous Straightener realignment treatment – 500ml
Beox Luminous Shampoo - 500ml
Beox Luminous Mask – 500g

Home Care Line
250mL + 240g

Products designed for daily maintenance, leaving hair healthy and extremely shiny and silky after alignment treatment. Both Shampoo and Mask are suitable for daily use to extend straightening results.
Shampoo Luminous 250mL - is enriched with special oils that nourishes hydrates and gently cleanses the hair leaving it soft and shiny.
Luminous Mask 240g - is enriched with special oils that strengthens nourishes and deeply hydrates the hair.

Glow On - Gold Repair

Beox Glow On Gold Repair is a nutritive oil with protective effect against environmental damages. Frees hair strings and leaves them extremely shiny and smooth for longer.


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