SOS Unbreakable
Instant solution for damaged hair!

An essential product for the recovery of hair in critical situations, such as: Breakage - Elastic Hair - VERY Porous Hair - Extremely Dry Hair. Exclusive formula with powerful action, acts directly on the cortex interrupting the break and effectively returning elasticity, reconstructs the sulfur and hydrogen bonds, leaving the hair extremely healthy and resistant. Beox SOS Unbreakable has instant strengthening action as it is composed of powerful amino acids, collagen and keratin that restore hair health leaving the hair fiber extremely strong and healthy.
Strengthening and reconstruction with a single product!

SOS Unbreakable

Made with coconut oil, arginine and Instant Repair, an exclusive blend composed of strengtheners that rebuild the hair fiber from damage caused by chemical procedures or excessive thermal processes.

Shampoo Metal Detox

The S.O.S. Metal Detox Shampoo promotes balanced sanitization of the scalp, preserving the integrity of the hair without hardening. Prepares the hair to receive treatments or chemical transformation processes. Prevents the accumulation of impurities after coloring, lighting and bleaching.

pH Equalize Mask

Intensive treatment with the function of equalizing the hair pH. Made with buriti oil and vitamin E, it restores the original pH and repairs the structural bridges of the locks at the end of each chemical procedure such as coloring, bleaching and straightening.


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