Atomic Recovery 60s

Beox Atomic Mask 1kg
Immediately Strenghtens Strands and reduces volume hair

Instant recovery mask, Beox Atomic Mask nourishes, strengthens, favors brushing and reduces hair volume.

Beox Atomic Shampoo 2,5L
Hair hydration and purifying

Very effective and inexpensive, Beox Atomic Shampoo immediately cleanses and recovers dehydrated and opaque hair.

Beox Atomic Condicionador 2,5L
hair strands smoothness and taming

Effective conditioning results, Beox Atomic Conditioner helps to reduce undesired volume and leaves hair extremely smooth.

Atomic Shine

Beox Atomic Leave-in is a Shine and anti-frizz potion, suitable for use on such moist and dry hair. The potion contains coconut oil which acts as moisturizer and thermal protector (Thermoshield effect).

Day by day Shampoo

Formulated as a restorer blend (Glycerin and B-Panthenol), Beox Atomic Day-by-day Shampoo leaves hair strings healthier, extremely shiny, soft and with a smooth texture. Deeply cleanses hair form the root to the tips.

Day by day Conditioner

Formulated from an organic blend (Wheat and oat proteins), Beox Atomic Day-by-day Conditioner leaves hair extremely soft, emmolient and combable. Returns hair strings alignment and maximum frizz and volume control.


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